Industrial Security Measures are critical for ensuring the operational safety and security of both people and machinery on the premises. At Aulpha, we provide a wide selection of Industrial Security solutions such as Industrial Fire Safety Solutions, Industrial CCTV Solutions, and Access Control Systems to properly defend your premises while also monitoring all processes in real time.


– Any workplace/industry is made up of machines and people, who are the most important parts of the system. To protect the workplace’s safety, all processes must be scrutinized or monitored on a regular basis.

– Surveillance systems are critical for ensuring safe and sustainable workplaces. We provide a comprehensive range of Industrial Surveillance systems/Industrial CCTV Solutions to keep the workplace under constant surveillance. This would help to identify and initiate preventive action even before an accident occurs.

  • Electronic Surveillance Systems also assist people in managing or monitoring work in their absence. CCTVs also play an important part in virtual policing, which helps to prevent crime of any kind.
  • Surveillance systems/ CCTVs can also help to trace aspects that lead to a crime or disasters that occurred in a given location.
  • Furthermore, Industrial Fire Accidents can be effectively avoided by CCTV surveillance, and having Industrial Fire safety Solutions can help to survive an accident with minimal damage.
  • Industrial Access Control Systems serve to secure all of an organization’s data, details, or facts, as well as those that are private or regarded extremely confidential. We provide a wide choice of options or solutions to address all of your Data Security concerns.

You can now watch and operate your house remotely from anywhere in the world at any time! This system also connects you to the world outside of your home’s physical bounds. You can use Wiser on your smartphone or tablet to ensure that everything is in order at home. Remote control of your complete home is no longer a futuristic technology. You may further increase your sense of security by remotely monitoring your house’s camera or smart home lights. Within automatic houses, you can live a simple and comfortable life. Convert your home into a Smart Home by making every switch and appliance a connected device. Control them with your voice or an app on your phone.

Smart Home Automation enables you to operate your home appliances, such as televisions, lights, air conditioners, curtains, and doors, with a single smartphone app or voice commands. The primary advantages of having a smart house are security and energy savings. We provide a comprehensive selection of smart home solutions, including Controllers, Touch Panels, Curtain Motors, Insert Modules, Door Locks, Video Doorbells, and Security Cameras, to make your life more secure and luxurious. Because of our dedication to quality, we have become India’s most trusted brand in Smart Home Automation.



The highest attention is given to increased security while setting up any task to protect the safety and security of people, physical assets, and operational procedures. Aulpha provides a wide range of corporate security solutions to fulfill all of your critical security requirements. 

Our corporate fire safety services guarantee the delivery of coherent devices that carry out efficient fire prevention tactics. Our Corporate Fire Protection systems include fire warning devices, surveillance systems, fire detection systems, and fire extinguishing devices, all of which aid in the prevention of accidents.

Our corporate access control solutions include devices that assist secure your workplace’s confidential assets. Our Access Control systems are created with innovative technology and integrated computerized workflows to ensure optimal asset security. We look forward to meeting all of your compliance-related security requirements. Contact us right away to learn more about our products and services.


To protect its inventory from purposeful harm such as thefts, organized retail crime, accidental damage, internal loss, or product diversion, retail outlets or chains require highly secure procedures. The stocking of any retail establishment is usually proportional to the size of their commercial operations. And there is a constant requirement to supervise all stocking categories to assure their safe maintenance. Any loss or damage to your stocks may result in lower returns on investment. As a result, Retail Security solutions must be implemented in retail premises to protect goods, employees, and customers.

Regardless of the size of their business, laws have been extremely rigorous in requiring Retail Security measures to be in place. At Aulpha, we make certain that you have access to best-in-class solutions and services to protect the safety and security of your retail spaces. Fire alarming devices, fire detection devices, and fire extinguishing systems are examples of retail fire safety services. Aside from that, the store area can be kept under constant surveillance via our CCTV surveillance systems, which aids us in the prevention of any unwanted harm.

Our Commercial Solutions Include

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • 24 Hour UL Listed & FM Approved Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance/Closed-Circuit Television
  • Electronic Access Controls
  • Parking Lot & Remote Area Security
  • Maintenance Agreements and Inspections
  • Weather Evacuation Systems
  • Gate Automation Systems
  • Public Addressing Systems