Fire safety is the most important of all security systems, regardless of the space domain. Fire safety precautions are critical and are required by law in many domains, including schools, hospitals, hotels, and commercial locations with heavy foot traffic. At Aulpha, we provide comprehensive Fire Safety management services in order to efficiently maintain round-the-clock vigilance to ensure the protection of people and physical assets.

Commercial Fire Safety – Commercial Fire Safety is a must-have in all types of business venues with substantial foot traffic. Aulpha offers commercial fire protection services to keep you safe from any unforeseen disasters down the road. We assist you in assessing and determining appropriate Commercial fire security models to ensure that no danger is overlooked. Furthermore, the Commercial CCTV systems/surveillance systems we include ensure round-the-clock vigilance to keep any fire-related catastrophe at bay.

We also provide access control systems in commercial locations to help you prevent unauthorized entry into your confidential space or data systems. We offer dependable solutions and cutting-edge equipment for monitoring business access control systems.

Fire Safety in Schools – Of all domains, Fire Safety in Schools is the most important. Despite the fact that all schools are required by law to have stringent security solutions such as school fire safety and CCTV monitoring systems in order to ensure a safe and secure environment for children. Aside from regular fire drills, it is also necessary to actively check and improve the breadth of fire protection systems in schools. We supply

Why Is Fire Safety Important In Schools?

Senior secondary schools typically have chemical labs, workshop labs, or science labs that house large quantities of hazardous materials. They can be the apparatus or items employed; these apparatus must be properly stored and thoroughly cared for in order to prevent the ecosystem of Schools.

CCTV Surveillance Systems, Fire Protection Systems, and Access Control Systems in all schools are critical for this approach. CCTV surveillance systems in schools can be beneficial in providing full monitoring in places where there are no people. This also aids in the protection of the school’s ecosystem. Aside from that, adequate Fire Protection equipment would be beneficial in preventing any incident or fire threat from occurring. Furthermore, access control systems in schools aid greatly in safeguarding places/things that may be dangerous for children to handle in the absence of adults. Aulpha provides Fire Safety Solutions in Schools to protect children and their learning environments from various risks.

Fire Safety In Hospitals

Fire Safety in Hospitals is the most important model to implement since people in a hospital cannot be evacuated in any situation unless there is no other choice. There may be patients on life support/ICU/ventilators, etc., for whom exiting the area would be life-threatening. To avoid this in hospitals, fire safety equipment must be constructed to prioritize prevention and suppression over evacuation, which should only be considered in the worst-case situation.

Multi-specialty Hospitals or clinics with a high number of in-patients or admitted patients require sophisticated Hospital Security systems such as CCTV surveillance systems, fire safety prevention systems, and access control systems to protect every nook and cranny of the facility. There should also be technologies and procedures in place to assist with hospital evacuation during fires. Our professionals will assist you in understanding and assessing all potential hazards involved in the construction and maintenance of strong fire safety and security systems in hospitals. Contact us to learn more about our services and products.

Our Fire Safety Solutions Include:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Flooding System
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Sprinkling System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Water Curtain System