Residential areas require high-security coverage to safeguard the security and safety of children, seniors, single women, and people with disabilities, as well as their physical assets. Complex residential security systems are even more important in urban areas with high and random foot traffic. Vashishta offers a comprehensive range of Residential Security services to fulfill all of your needs. In your absence, digital or electronic CCTV devices can be utilized to keep an eye on children, newborns, or their caregivers. This is extremely beneficial for many working professionals who are unable to physically attend to their children, babies, or senior persons at home.

Residential automation solutions include CCTV, VideoDoor Phone, Intrusion System, Digital Door Lock, Sensors, Touch Switches, Cleaning Robots, Central Vacuum System, and others.

Our Residential Security Solutions Include:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • 24 Hour UL Listed & FM Approved Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance/Closed-Circuit Television
  • Electronic Access Controls
  • Parking Lot & Remote Area Security
  • Touch Switches
  • Weather Evacuation Systems
  • Gate Automation Systems
  • Lighting Automation
  • Public Addressing Systems,etc
  • Home Theater system

You can now watch and operate your house remotely from anywhere in the world at any time! This system also connects you to the world outside of your home’s physical bounds. You can use Wiser on your smartphone or tablet to ensure that everything is in order at home. Remote control of your complete home is no longer a futuristic technology. You may further increase your sense of security by remotely monitoring your house’s camera or smart home lights. Within automatic houses, you can live a simple and comfortable life. Convert your home into a Smart Home by making every switch and appliance a connected device. Control them with your voice or an app on your phone.

Smart Home Automation enables you to operate your home appliances, such as televisions, lights, air conditioners, curtains, and doors, with a single smartphone app or voice commands. The primary advantages of having a smart house are security and energy savings. We provide a comprehensive selection of smart home solutions, including Controllers, Touch Panels, Curtain Motors, Insert Modules, Door Locks, Video Doorbells, and Security Cameras, to make your life more secure and luxurious. Because of our dedication to quality, we have become India’s most trusted brand in Smart Home Automation.


Intelligent living made easy with home automation