Video Door phone systems in Chennai

Aulpha offers an exclusive selection of audio/video door phone systems. Video door phone systems are commonly found in gated communities, hospitals, and business complexes. These methods allow us to track the people who come to see you. Intercom systems and video door phone systems allow you to monitor the entry of an illegal individual or a stranger into your home or business. We provide an exclusive assortment of video door phone models with appealing designs and product features. Check out prices and product characteristics by contacting us with your needs!

Video Door phone


The built-in microphone and speaker ensure clear and audible communication


Built-in memory card slot for recording and storing footage, providing you with evidence


Some models may also offer integration with smartphones or tablets

A complete video door phone Solutions & Services in Chennai

A video door phone, often known as a door phone, is a two-way communication system that may be engaged with both an outside and an indoor station. The device is linked to an authenticating communication system that controls the opening of doors that provide entrance to any type of building.

Equipment includes an electronic lock, a microphone, an earpiece, and other items.

This technology will reduce unauthorized entry at your door. That is, you can communicate with the visitor using audio and video. Once you have authorized the visitor, you can let them in; otherwise, you do not need to activate the electric lock by triggering the switch at the indoor station.

The system is available in both single and multi-access configurations. That is, a single access system can be used at each building.