Gate Automation system in Chennai

A warm welcome to Aulpha Technologies. In Chennai, we can provide a variety of Automatic Gates. You can design your own gate or we can do it for you; whether you want it made of steel, aluminum, or wood, we can supply a wide range of samples to help you make the best decision. We are the best Gate Motor suppliers in Chennai

Gate Automation


Sliding Gates are designed and fabricated to provide the safety for the secured premises to increase the space usage


For applications where crowd control is the security goal, tripod turnstiles have proven to be the ideal solution


Boom barriers are used to control the movement of vehicles in and out of places like business parks, residential buildings, shopping malls

A complete Gate Automation Solutions & Services in Chennai

We offer a whole area dedicated to security gate automation and manufacturing. Steel, aluminum, and wooden gates are available, and we use creative, high-quality Roger technologies, BFT, FAAC, and CAME gate automation technologies to design and implement the best systems.

Swing Gates: Underground Gate Motors are housed in a casing that is flush with the ground. They are unobtrusive and have good design aesthetics. Aulpha Technologies can offer expert guidance on which gate motors are appropriate for your specific property. All motors are built for quality and durability, so you can be confident that when you buy one of our products and have it installed, you’re making a wise investment. We are Chennai’s leading supplier of automatic gates.

TURNSTILE TRIPOD Services in Chennai

Turnstile gates are mechanisms that prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing or exiting a location. Turnstile gate systems are extremely beneficial in high-traffic locations where security is a concern. Turnstile gate systems are commonly seen in factories, corporate offices, skyscrapers, amusement parks, stadiums, movie theaters, and other areas where large crowds gather.

Aulpha offers a diverse selection of goods in turnstile gate systems made of the highest quality stainless steel metal that can survive extreme weather conditions. To avoid internal or exterior problems such as rusting, the turnstile gates are made of 304 grade or 316 grade (finest quality) stainless steel. Turnstile gate installations can be linked to access control systems to provide ticketing systems for entering and exiting a building. Turnstiles for access control are typically located in stadiums, amusement parks, metro stations, and other similar locations where a ticket or access for entering or exiting is required.

  • Turnstile gate installations or access control turnstiles are frequently carried out to monitor an individual’s allowed admission, particularly with access (ticket) turnstiles.
  • With the arm dropping feature, access control turnstiles provide a free channel for evacuation in the event of an emergency or a power outage.
  • Turnstile gate systems come in both automatic and manual configurations.
  • Turnstile gate installations are typically offered in two sizes: half-height turnstiles and full-height turnstiles.
  • Turnstile gate installations work well in areas where there is a need to monitor large amounts of pedestrian traffic while maintaining strict security measures.
  • Removes the likelihood of anyone jumping over the turnstile and restricts the entry or exit of any forbidden objects into any guarded area.

Boom Barriers in Chennai

Boom barriers or boom gates are automated metal barriers that are often used to prevent unlawful vehicle entry at entry or exit gates. Boom Barriers are typically constructed in high-traffic areas such as parking lots, shipyards, residential areas, toll plazas, corporate headquarters, airport terminals, railway stations, and other vital commercial districts. Aulpha offers a variety of pass gate barriers and stop gate barriers. We provide a diverse assortment of barriers with critical features such as long-range setup, automatic, manual, and maintenance-free parking boom barriers.

These barriers are designed and implemented after significant research to provide efficient regulation and monitoring of vehicular traffic. The Boom Barrier services we provide include Barrier systems that can be combined with various access options as well as third-party systems such as fire alarm systems to efficiently manage emergencies.

The installation of Boom Barrier systems is determined by the purpose of use and the area. The following are the primary benefits of installing automated boom barrier systems:

  • The varying lengths of the boom arms allow traffic barriers to suit any specific requirement of private areas and commercial or industrial companies.
  • There are several types of automatic barriers available, including hydraulic and electromechanical.
  • Dual speed of the barrier ensures speedy opening and closing with a smooth landing.
  • Boom barriers are simple to operate with push buttons, remote control systems, magnetic loop detectors, PCs, and even mobile phones.
  • M.S. Adjustable grill below boom (optional) prevents unauthorized intruders from moving inside below the boom.
  • Adjustable support stand for boom (optional) provides soft landing to the barrier and increases the life of the barrier.
  • All Barriers come with a plug.