Lighting automation in chennai

Lighting solutions that are clever and eco-friendly are the specialty of Aulpha Technologies. Our wide range of products, which includes luminaire parts and lighting controllers, can be combined to create lighting systems or utilized individually to generate intelligent solutions. With the help of these solutions, our customers may provide illumination that significantly improves human comfort, mood, and productivity in addition to energy savings. Aulpha offers a fire alarm system for homes, offices, and other residential locations. A fire alarm system can be operated in three ways: automated, semi-automatic, or manually. Installing a fire alarm security system is required in residential structures, industrial installations, marketplaces, offices, public areas, and some modes of transportation. People with various budgets can purchase

Lighting automation

Senses motion

Smart lights can sense motion and get turned on/off or dim the colour based on the motion sensed in the area.

More than a million colour choices

Choose from the range of 10 million colours according to your mood, time of the day and other requirements and control the intensity from 0 to 100.

Control from anywhere

Control and schedule your lighting activity, sequence, brightness levels and settings from anywhere in the World with your phone.

A complete Lighting automation Solutions & Services in Chennai

Designer single light for entire ceiling to create a new aesthetic…Lots of digitally controlled lighting for pubs, hotels, and shopping malls, among other places. We provide various types of lighting that may be automated and controlled by your smartphone. High-quality white and colored lights that can be controlled via a smart home app and that can sync with movies and music. We frequently suffer delays in crucial work as a result of time-consuming operations such as turning on the projector, lights, air conditioning, and everything else required to begin our meeting. A smart conference room can save you a lot of time and work by doing everything for you when the door opens or by simply pressing a button. Your lights, AC, and projector will turn on automatically, and your content will be displayed with a voice command or a click.