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Home Theatre


No other company in India brings this level of professional expertise to the home cinema market.


We believe the goal of any music setup is to try and recreate the emotional experience of listening to a live music performance.


We will help you fill every corner of your home with speakers that look, sound, and function great.

A complete Home Theatre Solutions & Services in Chennai

As the most well-known home theater dealers in Chennai, our staff handles consulting, design, setup, and installation. We are still available if you require assistance following the installation of your home entertainment system. As a first step, schedule a consultation with one of our home theater experts. Ask as many questions as you can think of. We provide the best options and create a customized plan. Following the discussion, our team creates a design for your home theater space. Following that, we proceed to set up and install according to the design. Once you’ve installed your new home theater system, our technical experts will walk you through its operation.

Aulpha Technologies adds a new depth to your audiovisual experience. What kind of home theater systems do you want? We work with both passive and powered types of systems. We are considered the authorized home theatre dealers and installers in Chennai due to our collection of high quality products. Only a seasoned business can provide you with true surround sound quality. The audio experience in your home theater room is determined by the channel output you select. Channel outputs are available in 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, and 11.1 varieties.ย 

Connect your home theater system to your laptop or smartphone. Enjoy watching movies in high definition with the greatest music system available. In Chennai, we install both commercial and private home theater systems. We employ audio visual gear from the greatest companies while keeping your needs in mind. It can range from high-end automated setups to smart wiring and basic wall mounting. We can make it happen for you.ย Are you looking for custom-made home theater solutions? Aulpha Technologies is one of the suggested home theater dealers to contact. We place a great value on video and audio quality. Place your needs and expectations in front of us. Consider our options for expertise.