We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for Fire Fighting Systems for each product, with highly trained and experienced professionals in charge of maintaining or monitoring all equipment that is a part of various security systems such as fire protection services or industrial security services. We offer hassle-free maintenance services to ensure that the systems run smoothly and without errors.

Our highly qualified and trained engineers will be sent to your location to monitor, maintain, and manage your systems. This frees up your staff resources and enables more efficient system management. Any device failure can be detected and remedied in advance. As a result, you can respond to emergencies faster and more efficiently.

Periodic PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services) are provided as part of our services to ensure the safe operation of all installed systems. It also includes a replacement policy in the event of reported damage.

Key Highlights of our maintenance contract:

  • Extended life of your equipment due to Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Compliance with local Fire Safety and Insurance requirements
  • Reduced risks of failure of equipment when the need arises