We think that giving our clients with a clear and measurable value proposition reduces client risk and provides a higher return on each billing dollar, resulting in more efficient programs and services. Many providers promise to provide value-added services but either include the expenses of these services in the estimate or later specify that these services must be billed on a pass-through basis in order to be provided. Our value-added services are supplied at no direct or indirect cost to the client and comprise the following:

Building condition, safety, maintenance and janitorial inspections to identify:

  • Safety hazards
  • Engineering systems check and monitoring
  • Burned out lighting
  • Overgrown landscaping
  • Potential security risks
  • Equipment not operating properly
  • Office/common area cleanliness
  • Fire and life safety equipment not working properly
  • Fire extinguisher inspections
  • Anything that could have a negative image on the property’s overall look, safety and security

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